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Our classically elegant and timeless venue was built in 1940. The acoustics are amazing. The high ceiling is curved for maximum sound quality as back in 1940, electronic amplification wasn’t as common as it is today.

The main hall features a spectacular wood floor which measures approximately 80’ X 30’ and is used to this day by four ballroom dance companies. It is truly one of the most exquisite dance floors in Southern California.

There is a stage with basic lighting and includes a backstage vintage dressing/lounge room (which could be used as a “secret” bride and groom room for a wedding reception).  Though we have no projector to rent to you, the stage does feature a 10’ X 10’ screen, downstage center. An updated sound system with speakers was installed in 2012 and accommodates iPods and smart phones if you’d like to bring your own tunes. We also have a wired mic, a wireless mic, and a podium. We also have wireless in the building which our guests are welcome to use (password given during rental hours).

We invite you to consider the multitude of uses for our classically elegant hall with stage:

  • Wedding and/or wedding receptions (YES! About 50% of the time both the wedding and the reception take place in the hall)
  • Classes
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Workshops
  • Performance venue for music, dance, or theater shows or recitals.

NOTE: There are rooms available in the building to accommodate groups of up to 30 attendees for meeting purposes. Please inquire.

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